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The Comfort of Strangers: the Impact of Rwandan Refugees in Neighbouring Countries
Title: The Comfort of Strangers: the Impact of Rwandan Refugees in Neighbouring Countries
Authors: Folajinmi Olabode Adisa ; Heinz Küll
Material Type: printed text
Publisher: Ibadan : IFRA, 1995
Series: Transnational Africa
ISBN (or other code): 979-10-92312-09-6
Size: 104
Languages: English
Class number: 04.3.4 (History of East Africa)
Keywords: History ; History of Africa ; History of East Africa ; Rwanda ; Refugees ; Migrations
Abstract: The Comfort of Strangers gives detailed information on the background to the Rwandan refugee problem and a vivid portrayal of the effects of the mass exodus of Rwandans into Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Zaire. The global community has, over the past eighty years, put in place an international refugee regime to regularize the status and provide for the control of stateless people ail over the world. Although host communities may initially open their doors to large numbers of people fleeing from their homelands, the long-term impact on the host countries is usually devastating and not often taken into account. This includes environmental dégradation, diminishing food security, dépréciation of the infrastructural base, pressure on the social and health sectors 3nd security risks. These Iead to sympathy fatigue and resentment. This book embodies an in-depth report made for UNCHS (Habitat) on the Rwandan refugee crisis and makes recommendations for its resolution, including compensation for host communites to enable them restore basic infrastructures and increase administrative capacity. Dr. Adisa also calls for a more efficient and humane treatment of the refugees and for their assisted resettlement.
Link for e-copy: http://books.openedition.org/ifra/554


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